Marketplace for TV and Movie Set Decorators.

Marketplace for TV and Movie Set Decorators.

Sell and buy decor items and props from other productions.

Do we agree that we spend too much time trying to organize Set dec sales at the last minute, when the whole crew is eager to be done with the show?
How does it work?

Post listings of items you want to sell from your current project, by adding pictures, a description and a price.


If a user is interested in an item you are selling, they will place an order and you will be sent an authorization link.


Use the search bar or the Categories menu, to make a search by keywords.


The transaction will go through only when you will be in possession of the item you bought.

Why using Seteasy?

⏱️ Save time during the wraps.

💲Save money on your budget.

💻 Find decor items in just a few clics. 

♺ Be part of the circular economy. 

Are you working on a project and looking to sell items?

We regularly send newsletter to all our users to let them know what new items were posted on the platform. We give visibility to your items, and increase the odds of sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seteasy a public website?

Yes, Seteasy is accessible to all, but we focus on professionals of the movie and television industry.

Is Seteasy free to use?

The use of the marketplace to post a listing and search is free. However, we charge a small commission fee on confirmed purchases. 

Why do I need to add my banking details?

To be able to sell items on Seteasy, you need to add your banking details to receive the money from your sales (Parameters < Payments). The payment system we use is Stripe, the most used processing tool on e-commerce websites (Amazon, Shopify…). We do not have access to any of your banking details.

I just picked-up an item I bought, why do I need to confirm the transaction?

To avoid any mistake, our processing system Stripe, withholds money from any transaction until the buyer gets the bought item. This insurs that the exchange does happen.

Are you starting a project and looking for decor?