Manage your crew shifts during Prep, Shoot and Wrap.

Add shifts for each member of your crew on your weekly schedule. Select which set they will be working on. All the timesheets of your team will automatically be updated. Download the pdfs. Print. You are all set to head to Accounting on your way out.



Easily keep track of how much you spent & how much you have left.

You can emit all your Purchase Orders, Cheque Requisitions and Petty Cash envelops directly from the website. The costs will then be added to your spendings list and the progress bar will show you where you are at in your budget in one glance.



Manage who can see what type of content.

At any phase of the production, you can invite your crew to join the project by email. They will receive a link to the project. This is the default set up we created that allows each crew member to either view or edit the content of your online project. You can edit it at anytime.


Wrap Packs

Print your wrap packs in just one click.

After having uploaded your Lookbook on Seteasy as well as the Sourcing pictures directly from your phone, you can select all the rented and purchased items you picked and move them to your Set pieces. Before the next wrap, just download the pdf with all the photos. Print. This is your Wrap Pack!



Need templates? We’ve got you covered!

Whenever you need transport orders or petty cash top-up sheets, you can find them on our Download templates page. Also, your wrap labels automatically show all your production contact details.



Keep & view all your projects in one place.

There is no storage limit. The vendors and crew members you work with all stay on your profile and can be used for your next productions.

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